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    SKU: ED1290

    Predator Deep Cycle AGM Battery 9A/H


    9 A/H (L) 151 (W) 65 (H) 100


    Full Specs 


    Model:ED1290 Nominal Voltage 12V Rated Capacity 20 Hour Rate(0.45A to 10.8V ) 9.0Ah Hourly rate conversion capacity 1 Hour Rate (5.31A to 9.6V) 5.31Ah 5 Hour Rate (1.50A to 10.5V ) 7.50Ah 10 Hour Rate(0.83A to 10.8V ) 8.3Ah Dimension and Weight Length Width 65±1mm Height 93.5±1mm Total Height 99.5±1mm Weight 2.47Kg Casing Material ABS Self discharge Rate(25℃) ≥ Internal Resistance Fully charged Battery ≤ mΩ Operating Temperature Range Discharge -15℃( 5°F) ~50℃(122°F) Charge 0℃(32°F) ~40℃(104°F) Storage -15℃(5°F)~40℃(104°F) Charging Methods Float Use 13.5V~13.8V(25℃),Compensation co-efficient-3mv/cell/℃ Cycle Use 14.7V~ ℃),Compensation co-efficient-5mv/cell/℃ Max Charge Current 0.25C(A) Applications: Electric vehicle, solar power, wind power, telecom systems, UPS, Medical, Toys

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